Hello Guys! In this portion I detail all the bitcoin sites that pay either automatically to your bitcoin address or keep the it until you have a certain amount and then send it. These sites are good sites. These are the sites from where the real money comes. If you visiting this page first I suggest you go to the coinbox.me page and read what I have written there. Then come back. 

Happy Earning!! :)


In this site you get to "roll" and it chooses a random number from 1-1000. Depending on the number you get some bits. Depends on luck. And you get to do it once every hour! That's why I like it.

This is a site which stores money until you have a certain amount. After that you have two options Auto or Manual Withdraw. If you chose Auto Withdraw and you have that certain amount by Sunday then it transfers the total amount you have to your bitcoin address. In Manual it charges a 400 bit fee and transfers it within 48 hours. 

   2.Bitcoin Zebra

In this site you have a 1/5 or 20% chance to get 200,400,600,800 or 1000 satoshi(the smallest bitcoin unit). That's great. But even better is that you get a chance to get twice, five times, thirty times, 200 times or even a 1000 times the amount won FOR FREE. Here's how,

You get a chance to choose from one to 5 dice which are rolled and if you get six on all the dice you have choosen, your amount that was won is multiplied!! Yiphee!!


This site is my personal favourite. All you have to do is to registar, go to the view ads section and click on an ad. The duration and the amount is listed. It will open in a new tab and then start the countdown. When it's finished just click on close advertisment and viola you earned bitcoins. You don't have to necessarily be on the same page for it to work.NEVER chose Autosurf. Not worth it.


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