Hello and welcome to my site EarnBITS. My name is Megos(weird name but I like it.) As you may have already tried to mine bitcoins using your computer you may have learned that you need specialized hardware to compete in today bitcoin market. I tried to mine using my computer but to no avail. In despair I was going to turn of my pc when an idea struck me(zap!!! you know like lightning.)

I thought that there may be ways to earn bitcoins online like earning money so I searched and searched and (you get the point) and finally found some websites that weren't scams and that really gave you bitcoins. Now before going any farther I must tell you that this is not an alternative to job but gives you the odd penny or doller. Now that you know that I'll continue. I compiled all the sites and boom here you go. Now you guys won't have to go through all the searching. Happy Earning!! :) 

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Hello guys! If you like the work I'm doing then please donate as much as can. It will help me renovate the site, buy a domian so and in return it will help you! :) 

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Thanks! And Cheers!!! :)

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Have a problem? Message me. Site not working for you? Tell me. Anything else and I'll try to help you as soon as possible. So don't hesitate!, just Chillax! and message me!! :) 

 P.s Also send me some cool Bitcoin faucets if you know any.Thanks!

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